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Lakeline LLC offers accessories for concealed carry pistols.    

We offer accessories for Kahr® and Taurus®  pistols and will soon be introducing accessories for other fine firearms.  

Our products include grips, followers, magazine base plates and +1 extensions, night sights, guide rods and more.


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Kahr™ Pistol Parts and Accessories

Kahr™ Stainless Guide Rods

Kahr™ Magazine Parts and Accessories

Kahr™ Pistol Grips

Kahr™ Striker Solutions

Springfield Armory™ Pistol Parts and Accessories

Springfield Armory XDs Striker Guide

Taurus™ Pistol Parts and Accessories

Taurus™ Stainless Guide Rod and Recoil Springs

Taurus™ Sights

    Taurus Firing Pin Springs, Guides and Trigger Parts