Discount Programs

At Lakeline LLC, we love and appreciate LEO, military and first responders.  We also think large orders are REALLY COOL too!  In fact, we think all of our customers are fantastic and work hard to be the best we can for them.

Part of that is staying lean in the way we operate and not creating lots of extra things we need to do to conduct our business.  We are really small, so things that take a person or a big portion of one are a big deal here.  That includes managing things like discount programs.  So, we don’t have any discount programs at all.

Instead, we work to provide all of our customers the best prices we can offer and stay in business.  Fair and Friendly pricing every day is our goal.  So, EVERY customer gets our best pricing everyday.

We don’t have sales either so you don’t have to worry that the order you made today will be 40% less tomorrow.  Also, you don’t have pressure that the good prices you see today will be gone tomorrow.  You can buy from us when it makes sense for you.

That’s the way we like to be treated and we hope you appreciate it as well.

Lakeline LLC