Taurus Strikers

Taurus Strikers

Posted by Joe on 5th Oct 2023

The Lakeline SureFire Striker and Striker Assembly

We have focused a lot of effort over the past several years on upgrade parts for the strikers systems on Taurus handguns. In the stock Taurus trigger you can feel the uneven and nonlinear pull just before the trigger releases. Replacing the plastic stock striker components with precision CNC machined and polished stainless steel gives a consistent, low friction trigger pull.

Now we have not taken the next logical step in offering the Lakeline SureFire Stainless Steel Striker (Firing Pin) for Taurus G-Series Pistols. We will introduce a Firing Pin for the GX4 series in a couple of weeks and are working on several models in other pistol brands as well. The Firing Pin will be available in a fully complete, drop in ready Lakeline Assembly, as well as Firing Pin only for those who have already upgraded with Lakeline stainless steel components.

In designing the Lakeline SureFire Striker we invested a lot of time in material selection and testing to get the best possible firing pin for this application. It is precision machined and uses the high performance precipitation hardened 17-4 stainless steel that is electro-polished. This firing pin is hard-nosed and will give you lasting, impact strikes. Some companies aggressively market titanium parts for firearms in the name of weight savings and there are application where that significantly higher cost makes sense. The Lakeline SureFire Stainless Steel Firing Pin weighs less than 0.2 oz, about the weight of 2 pennies; we don't think doubling the price of the firing pin is worth making it weigh 1 1/2 pennies. Titanium also readily deforms and has low elasticity compared to stainless - which means you will have to replace it more often. We prioritize high quality performance at a reasonable price.

We hope you enjoy shooting this striker as much as we do. As always, if you have questions, reach out to us at info@lakelinellc.com.