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Ultimate SureFire Topside Upgrade Kit - 9mm Taurus G3 / G3XL

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Improve the crispness and feel of your trigger and felt recoil with this Ultimate Topside UpgradeKit for the 9mm Taurus G3 and G3XL.  These are among the most popular and highest rated upgrade parts in the Lakeline catalog, now offered together in a discounted kit!
This kit includes:
  • Stainless Steel Recoil Assembly (T-G3-RSA-211 - you choosed Stainless, Black Nitride, or Gold Titanium Nitride Finish)
  • SureFire Stainless Steel Striker Assembly for Taurus G-Series Pistols (STR-RD-GS-ASSY)
What do you get:
Lakeline Stainless Steel Recoil Assembly have a reputation for being tough, really tough!  The Lakeline Recoil assembly is designed to be the last recoil assembly your Taurus G3 / G3XL will ever need.  It is designed to be maintainable so springs can be changed if or when they eventually wear out.  This is NOT a throw away, that must be replaced when it needs new springs.  Spare springs are readily available for the Lakeline recoil assembly. 
Fully assembled!  Just field strip your pistol, lube it, and put it in.
With tens of thousands in use, these recoil assemblies have been proven for hundreds of thousands of rounds.  There is simply no more reliable recoil assembly for the Taurus.  No plastic, or thin drawn parts!  The recoil rod is a single piece with the flange,  the most highly stressed part, machined as one piece with the Guide Rod.  If your pistol is jammed from a failed factory or competitor's recoil assembly email our customer support to get instructions on how to get your pistol back apart.
The most proven, reliable and soft shooting recoil assembly for the G3 series Taurus pistols is right here.
The springs are made from the best spring wire available and carefully finished to make sure that they will not over ride themselves or the flanges they ride on.  The Lakeline springs rates are also optimized and provide a smoother recoil pulse than the factory parts while still shooting all standard rounds reliably.  You don't have to select a light spring, that doesn't tolerate heavy loads, nor a heavy spring, that may not cycle regular range ammo with the Lakeline recoil assembly.  By optimizing the spring rates, choosing spring material that doesn't weaken under use as much as typical and using better spring and sleeve lengths, this recoil assembly provides lighter recoil with range ammo all the way to +P rounds.
SureFire Stainless Steel Striker Assembly for Taurus G-Series Pistols. Improve the crispness and feel of your trigger while adding punch with the Lakeline precision machined Striker Assembly.
This fully complete assembly is drop in ready and includes Lakeline designed and manufactured:
- Precision machined 17-4 Precipitation Hardened and polished SureFire Stainless Steel Firing Pin (striker)
- 303 Stainless Steel Striker Guide
- 303 Stainless Steel one piece Spring Retainer
- High Performance Alloy Spring Steel Striker and Striker Return Springs
Drop in installation.  Unload your pistol, visually confirm it is unloaded. Field strip the slide off of the frame, remove the backplate and pull out the striker assembly, replace it with the new assembly.  Reinstall backplate and put the slide back onto the frame. See additonal notes below.
Additonal background on the SureFire Striker Assembly:
In the stock trigger you can feel the uneven and nonlinear pull just before the trigger releases.  Replacing plastic stock striker components with precision CNC machined and polished stainless steel gives a consistent, low friction trigger pull.
The Lakeline Firing Pin is precison machined and uses the high performance precipitation hardened stainless steel that is electro-polished.  This firing pin is hard nosed and will give you lasting, impact strikes.
Some companies aggressively market titanium parts for firearms in the name of weight savings and there are application where that significantly higher cost makes sense. The Lakeline SureFire Stainless Steel Firing Pin weighs less than 0.2 oz, about the weight of 2 pennies; we don't think doubling the price of the firing pin is worth making it weigh 1 1/2 pennies. Titanium also readily deforms and has low elasticity compared to stainless - which means you will have to replace it more often. We prioritize high quality performance at a reasonable price.
Installation instructions here.
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
Lakeline Lifetime Limited Warranty

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    very happy with the quality of work man’s ship

    Posted by Donald Jay Taylor on 15th Jan 2024

    Will be buying more parts later

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    Posted by Miguel on 8th Dec 2023

    Excellent product perfect fit. Awesome store