Parts Kits

Parts Kits

Posted by Joe on 4th Oct 2023

Interest in improving the performance of your firearm is something we probably all share. But for a lot of our fellow shooters, deciding what to do and how to do it can be confusing and overwhelming. Everyone at the range has an opinion, and be skeptical of what you read online (particularly Reddit). There are some helpful people on youtube who demonstrate upgrade options, though.

At Lakeline, we have spent years developing performance and reliability improving aftermarket parts. Everything we put out we test more than you can imagine. To make upgrades easier for our customers, we are now bundling parts into upgrade kits. Our kits are mainly coming in two flavors:

Tactical and Carry Packages. These are bundles of barrel and parts/accessories that are fun and popular combinations. The addition of a match grade target barrel and a stainless steel high performance recoil assembly, perhaps with a compensator, make a significant change to your firearm. Beauty and performance!  

Upgrade Parts Kits. These are bundles of internal parts, and while they might not be sexy on the outside, you will notice the difference at the range. Modern firearms have a lot of internal plastic parts. Our testing and experience shows that upgrading with Stainless Steel provides smoother and more reliable performance. And, all springs we produce and sell are of the highest quality performance alloy spring steel. 

We offer these kits at a discount from the individual parts - it makes the parts easier for us to pick and combined shipping saves cost.  We share savings. And hopefully it makes for an easier upgrade shopping experience for you. Please note, we frequently change our packages based upon interest and availability/inventory levels.

Not super handy with tools? Relax. The vast majority of the aftermarket parts we sell are easy to install. When they are not, we tell you in the product description and note it is either for a highly experienced person or for a qualified gunsmith. Worried about "minor fitting may be required"? The vast majority of the time a good coating of gun grease and a break in are all you need. And, we are always here to help guide you at