Cyelee Optics

Cyelee Optics

Posted by on 21st Sep 2023

Customers routinely reach out and ask us to recommend a Red Dot Optic. There are of course a lot of great options out there - optic sight technology has come a long way in the past few years! But, price is of course a major issue...

So, launched a search for a solid and inexpensive Red Dot Optic we could offer to our customers. We talked to dozens of the usual suspects and found they were either too expensive, too cheap (i.e., a POS), and/or they did not meet our expectations for customer service (i.e., we were not confident they would respond if and when our customers had issues). 

Then, we found Cyelee Optics. They have half a dozen or so pistol Red Dot Optics on the lower end of the price range and are bringing more to market. My conversations with them found them open, responsive, and eager to grow their market presence the right way. They sent us a few test units and we ran them through the paces. Honestly, we treated them pretty poorly on our test guns. But they ran well and held zero. 

We think you are going to be satisfied with Cyelee are now proudly offering a few models. We liked them, and since we started selling them last month we have gotten positive feedback. 

Check them out and let us know what you think!