Stainless Steel Guide Rod for the Taurus PT 24/7-G2 Compact 9mm, .45 caliber


Taurus 24-7 Compact Stainless Steel Recoil Assembly

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*NOTE- Does not fit the PT111-G2 or G2C

Stainless Steel Guide Rod for the Taurus  PT 24/7-G2 Compact pistol that includes:

  • Machined Stainless Steel Recoil Guide Rod
  • Machined Stainless Steel Recoil Spring Sleeve
  • Machined Stainless Steel Recoil End Screw – Stainless Finish
  • 1 Small Recoil Spring
  • 2 ml of thread locking compound
  • Assembly and Installation Instructions
  • Requires reuse of the large diameter recoil spring from the Taurus Factory recoil assembly

Lakeline Stainless Steel Guide rods have a reputation for being tough, really tough!  No plastic, or thin drawn parts!  The recoil rod is a single piece with the flange,  the most highly stressed part, machined as one piece with the Guide Rod.  Compare that to the factory part with a plastic guide rod with a steel screw acting as the flange threaded into plastic.

We also machine the stainless recoil sleeve from another piece of stainless steel and it is stronger and harder than the factory drawn steel part.  Its flange will not break off, allowing the outer spring to jump off and jam the action of your pistol.  Finally, our Machined Stainless Steel End Screw finishes the assembly and provides a custom look that fits in perfectly with the slide on your 24/7-G2 Compact.

The stainless steel guide rod is compatible with, and reuses, the factory 24/7-G2 Compact springs outer springs.  Different calibers of the 24/7 compact utilize different wire size outer recoil springs.

Assembly of your recoil set is relatively easy for you or your gunsmith.  The most difficult part is removing the large spring from the factory guide rod.

The Lakeline Guide Rod is inserted into the smaller diameter spring, which is inserted into the Recoil Spring Sleeve.  The larger, Taurus factory spring is installed over the Recoil Spring Sleeve and the assembly is carefully put into place in the slide of your 24/7 Compact-G2.  Then the slide can be locked back with the slide lock and the Recoil End Screw is installed into the end of the guide rod using the thread locking compound.  The Recoil Screw can be tightened using a 9mm open end wrench, crescent wrench or by hand.  It doesn’t take very much torque.  From there, you do have to let the thread locking compound cure for 24 hours, and your guide rod assembly in your pistol is ready to go!

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