Metal Magazine Follower for .45 ACP Kahr™

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Metal Magazine follower for Kahr .45 ACP pistols.

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Our upgraded magazine follower for all .45 caliber Kahr™ magazines is precision machined from aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum.  Then, it is hard anodized to military specifications to provide even more resistance to corrosion and wear.  It doesn’t get much tougher or more reliable than that.

The Kahr .45s engage the follower with very little area.  Because of the small engagement surface, the aluminum followers for .45 caliber do not lock the slide back after the last round.

Our follower was carefully designed and tested to help provide fault-free feeding in Kahr™ pistols.   Compatible with factory magazines and factory magazine springs as well as aftermarket springs from Wolff Gunsprings.

Advantages of the metal followers:

  • These metal followers will not break.  The aircraft grade aluminum followers are so strong, they are unbreakable in normal use in a pistol.  The factory followers are nylon and can be broken if the barrel strikes the follower after shooting the last round.  A broken follower can cause the pistol to malfunction.
  • Consistently smooth magazine operation.  Our follower slides smoothly in the magazine tube.  You can even press on the corner of it, and it will move smoothly down the tube.  It doesn’t catch or bind.  Smooth operation helps make your pistol feed consistently.
  • The shape of the follower is improved.  The metal follower has a profile that keeps the nose of the bullets up, aiding their travels up the feed ramp.  Hand racking of the pistol feeds rounds more consistently.
  • If you carry a extra magazine in your pocket the top round does not pop out like it does with the factory follower.

After being used in a Kahr pistol, the aluminum conforms to the tolerances that break plastic followers without doing any harm to the barrel or pistol.  That leaves a couple of “dinged” looking areas in the follower that are really just the part breaking in.  Here is more information on why aluminum is the material of choice for Kahr followers.

Fits Kahr™ factory magazines for: P45, PM45, CW45, CM45, CT45, TP45


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