9mm mag Base Plate for Kahr 2 round extended magazines or stand alone


9mm magazine base plate for use with, or without, extended magazine sleeves on Kahr pistols.


This base plate works with our extensions to add usable grip length to Kahr pistols when using a 2 round extended magazine like an 8 round magazine with a 6 round pistol.  The  2 round extended magazine sleeve is available separately.

The 2 round extended magazine sleeve functions with 6 round pistols (CM9, PM9, MK9) with an 8 round factory magazine and this base plate.

In both cases, the sleeve and this base plate provide a continuation of the factory grip allowing for a more secure grip and better control of the pistol.

The part is designed to use the required, factory plastic base plate retainer or our available retainer.  The part is available and shown in black nylon as well as red, purple, pink, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple.

Stand alone, it makes a nice, compact base plate with standard capacity magazines as well without the extension.

Pricing is $6.99 in nylon in most colors  The images of the colors are renderings.

The part is 3D printed to your order directly from our 3D printing company.  That means you will be referred to the website for the 3D printer when you order this part and it will not add to the cart on this website with other parts.

Sold in the Continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii only.