Black and Tan G10 Grips for the Kahr™ MK9 and MK40 Black and Tan


G10 Grips for Kahr K9 and K40 pistols

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The best way to get a firmer grip on your MK9 or MK40!  Our customers report tighter groups using our G10 grips as well as improved comfort.

G10 is tough!  It is an epoxy and fiberglass composite that is hard and resistant to both wear and solvents.  That makes it an ideal material for pistol grips where an aggressive texture and a solid hold on the firearm is desired.

Width of these grips is the same as the factory grips so they don’t add to the bulk of the pistol for concealed carry.   CNC machined to precise tolerances, the grip texture is designed to hold onto your hand, but minimize snagging on clothes or holsters.  Both the back strap and the sides of these grips are textured, providing a much firmer hold than the standard rubber or available wood grips.  Yet the texturing does not have sharp edges and is designed so it will not snag on clothing.

If you want a more consistent grip on your Kahr MK series pistol or just a more aggressive look, these grips are for you.  The improvement in the grip you will have over the factory rubber grips is amazing.  Yet, the texture is not sharp or overly aggressive.

Not compatible with serial numbers beginning with “GA.”  The product gallery has a photo of a boss on the back side of the grip around the upper screw.  If your grips also have the boss, these will fit your MK frame.  Some early MK9 & MK40 frames do not have the relief in their frames for this boss.

G10 grips are also available for the K9 and K40 as well.

Sold in the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico only.


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Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 in