+1 Magazine Base Kahr 9mm


+1 Magazine Base for Kahr 9mm magazines.

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The smallest, least expensive and most durable way to add an extra round to your Kahr 9mm pistol!  These bases are about the size of a pinky extension, but provide an additonal round of capacity in any Kahr 9mm pistol.

+1 Magazine Base for Kahr 9mm magazines.  Fits 6 or more round magazines and adds one round capacity to your Kahr pistol with less length than a 1 round extended magazine (see photos).  Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum that is hard black anodized with a stainless steel lock screw.

Compatible with all Kahr factory 9mm magazines, factory followers and factory springs or Wolff Gunsprings magazine springs in standard or +5% power.  Compatible with Lakeline metal followers on 7 round or larger magazines.  Easily installed with a 3/32 Allen wrench.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 7 x 5 x 1 in