Below are customer testimonials, sent to us via email, or left on forums, etc.:

I had a problem with my Kahr K9 “nosediving” any/all hollow point ammo I tried to run through it.
It fed round-nose ammo just fine, but hung up everything else.
I ordered two of the aluminum followers for the K9 and installed them the other day.  I also ordered some heavier mag springs to go along with them.
Now the gun feeds everything flawlessly. I tested with 147 grain Winchester White Box JHP and Hornady Critical Duty 135 grain – both cycled without a hitch.
I’m Happy and will be ordering two more followers for my remaining magazines.
Thank you Al and Thank you Lakeline LLC!!  Mark, July 2017

I just found your company having purchased a Taurus firearm. I love that you sell quality parts for my firearm at great prices and easy ordering. keep up the great work!  Russell, July 2017
Lakeline is what all companies should aspire to become. Great products with great directions. Their PT111 G2 fiber optic sights make the gun a more fun to shoot. Not to mention their customer service is second to none. I can honestly say you can buy with 110% confidence with Al and his team.  – Tony, July 2017
Best purchase EVER! Ordered on a Saturday, didn’t expect item until next weekend but to my surprise the item I ordered was in my mailbox on the Monday right after I ordered. I had asked and paid for regular shipping and the recoil spring I ordered for my pistol was there the quicker than I have ever had an order from anyone else.
After oiling this stainless steel recoil spring and installing it in my pistol I awaited the day I could go to the range. When I got to the range yesterday, I discovered this item made my inexpensive Taurus pistol shoot as well as my more expensive pistols I own (Sig, S&W, Ruger, and Springfield). Even my wife was hitting the X ring at the 15 line.
I had tried a competitor’s spring for this Taurus and it only lasted 13 rounds before the spring bent over the back of the recoil rod and made the pistol unable to be locked back. I returned this spring to the manufacturer and before I sent it off I orderd this one from Lakeline, LLC. The competitor’s spring was $1 higher in price, was $6 higher in shipping, took nearly a week to arrive, and cost me to send it back. the Lakeline spring arrived quickly and only cost minimally to ship!
This is a great company and they sell quality products! They will have all my business for any item they sell that I might have need of! THESE GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!! – Billy, July 2017
I am so pleased with my new stainless steel striker guide for Taurus PT111 G2. I installed the new guide at the range today. no drilling or gunsmith needed, in about fifteen minutes. What a difference. Great product. My PT111 G2 is now a true pleasure to shoot. Much, much smoother. I have to be careful not to double tap now. You just made a so so pistol into one that will surpass any other concealed carry trigger by far.  Darrell, May 2017
Wow, what a difference. Trigger, no more stop/hesitation, just a smooth pull.  John, March 2017, Taurus Striker Guide
After having some issues with my Taurus right out of the box, I started researching the ejection problem I was having. Your company and website seemed to be a common theme in the solution across the Taurus forums. I rolled the dice and ordered a recoil assembly from you. I was amazed at how fast the  item arrived and after shooting my gun today, I couldn’t be happier with the performance. 100 rounds and no ejection issues. Thank you for your courtesy and professionalism. I no longer question the reliability of my firearm.  Steve  Feb 2017
Very good prices most places want the same price for just one set of springs   Steven Feb 2017

Lakeline is fast, courteous, and makes a great aftermarket product. Add metal sights and a stainless guide rod to your PT111G2 and you have a gun every bit as good as a Glock.  John  Dec 2016

Found exactly what I needed to up grade my Taurus PT111 G2. David   Dec 2016

Great website. Its really hard to find parts for the Taurus and such a pain to order from Taurus I’m happy Lakeline LLC makes it fast, cheap and easy to buy parts.  Michael    Dec 2016

Great product, seems like very high quality materials and much appreciate the extra springs … Totally loving the very fast delivery – happy customer. I’ll be back for the replacement sights soon.  William    Dec 2016

A very amazing dependable Product .,,????  Ed   December 2016

Hi folk’s just wanted to drop a line and say thank’s for an easy fix for my Taurus pt111 9mm. It took all of an half hour to assemble and after waiting a day to cure works perfect! You all have a Merry Christmas and a great new year!     Mike    December 2016

Just Bought your PT111 & PT140 Fiber Optic Sights…….Wow They Look Like they have Batteries in them !!! Awesome ! All my other Guns have TRU- GLO TFO’s…..I think your’s are brighter in the day light !! Thanks Doug !!

Ordered my Taurus PT111 G2 fiber optic sights on Monday at 1:00, received them Wednesday. Super easy to install and way more visible than factory sights.  I can’t say enough about the service and quality of Lakeline LLC.   I will definitely be ordering the stainless recoil assembly in the near future.  Thanks

These sights I purchased are great. Easy installation and so much better than the plastic factory sights. Would definitely recommend!

This is my second order and will order again as your new products
are added to your line, great service and speedy quick shipping.

Easy and straight forward!

Quality products. Good pricing. Fast shipping. Very pleasant to deal with.

First time shopper. Glad to see sights for PT111 G2. No one else has stepped up and produced some. Love the gun, hate the sights.

Placed order 9-15 arrived in mail box 9-16 . easy to follow instructions. Had bad experience with Trijicon in past and was skeptical but Lakeline rocks!!! Great products and great company

Just wanted to say thanks. My PT111 G2 was relegated to the back of my safe due to a faulty front sight I could not find a replacement for and unreliable feed issues. I would tend to have one or two issues every 3 or 4 mags.
The front sight works very well and I have shot over 250 rounds since installing your recoil assembly without a single bobble.
I will be trying some of your other products.
Thanks again,

Follow Up and Lakeline Strikers.  Wanted to post a new thread to give an extra shout out to Alfonse. Ordered a Lakeline Striker on Monday night. Was in my mailbox this morning. With the use of the included instructions and a little help from YouTube (although Alfonse, you may want to verify your links as I couldn’t get them to work) I was able to remove my old striker from my P380 and replace it with the Lakeline version. The old striker and channel were pretty black, so I cleaned them out. I don’t know if there is anything wrong with the old striker by looking at it, but I know that I was able to head over to the range and send 75 flawless rounds down range including 50 Remington UMC (which had given me problems) and 25 rounds of my Hornady Zombie (which is a great way to practice for my Critical Defense with a round that is identical, yet usually cheaper in my area.) I once again feel comfortable carrying this pistol and trusting my life to it. Now I just have to figure out what to do about the shipping label Kahr already sent me. It shouldn’t cost them anything until it’s scanned it at FedEx, right? – Kahrtalk

Thanks so much, Al. I love the Sights. Good Quality, nice fit and finish. The square cuts are a huge improvement over the factory plastics. I like what you’re doing there : ) Tom

Lakeline follower took a 7rd mag for my cm9 from totally unreliable to totally unstoppable! Unreal the improvement! I would trust my life to this mag now! Lakeline FTW – Kahrtalk

Installed my Lakeline followers last night. Ordered them on Sunday and received them on Wednesday, one day ahead of the tracking info from Alfonse. Purchased two, one for a mag that will be ordered after the 1st of April. These followers are really something! I can hand rack a round out of a new gun. They are solid, and built like a tank, a really great buy for the price. Locks the mag open after the last round every time. – Kahrtalk

Easy to use website and quick checkout! I love that you guys are making things for the Taurus guns. I will be buying night sights from you in the near future!

Great product from Al. Shipped quickly, assembly was easy, looks great, and most importantly – haven’t had a problem with my gun jamming up since. Thank you!  (Link below so you don’t have to go searching for it. Just order one, you won’t regret it.) – TaurusArmed.net about a Taurus Recoil Assembly.

I received the follower in 4 days. Should’ve been 3 but I have a slow PO. I ordered it because I had a broken follower in 1 of the mags I received when I traded for my blunt nose PM9. I decided to install it in my 6 round carry mag instead of the extended mag. It fit perfectly, looks great, works even better and,,,,,,,,I can load a mag, with the slide down, and slingshot the slide with no issues at all. I can even ride the slide very slowly and it still goes into battery. Holds the slide open on last round and fired all 4 mags flawlessly. Top notch part, top notch material and over the top business. I’ll be ordering more for the rest of my mags. Thanks so much, Alfonse, for offering a superb product. Y’all need to get ya some. – Kahrtalk

Hello,   I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for the Part for my gen1 pt111 pro. I went to the range the other day and shot it and it worked better than when I first bought it. It recoils with ease and no issues.   Thanks again,  Dennis.  –  Message from ebay customer

After reading other post about a ‘possible’ problem with the stock recoil spring assembly I ordered the stainless recoil system from Lakeline LLC. I received the package within two to three days but was not comfortable with assembling the system, so I took it to the gun shop I had bought my gun from. When the gunsmith put the pieces together and reassembled the gun the slide would not lock back. On farther inspection the smith found that the assembly was slightly longer than the factory assemble. That night I contacted LLC about 7pm via email about the problem. First thing the next morning I got a reply stating that they had discovered some of the rods were not correctly machined, immediately sent me out a new (correct) rod and a prepaid envelope to return the defective rod to them. Two days later I got the rod, had my gunsmith again assemble and check the new setup, and everything was perfect.

This is the fastest customer service response that I have gotten on ANY product I have purchased, and especially online. I thought that Alien Gear was the best I have experienced but these guys have taken customer service to an entirely new level. I highly recommend them. – TaurusArmed.net

Seems like the magguts along with Lakeline’s redesigned striker makes the firearm really reliable. I find that I can also hand rack the slide now with no jambs or miss feeds. Fired about 50 rounds through the two that I purchased. Really happy with my p380 now, a really small firearm with 8 round capability, nice! – Kahrtalk

Recently received my stainless recoil rod assembly. I choose the stainless even though I have the black oxide slide because it goes good with the barrel. Already hammering on the gun. My carry guns get shot a lot. This product is up to the task easy to install and only improves what is already on of the best values in firearms out there. Can’t wait for the g2 nite sites. This company’s products are simply quality, durable, upgrades that work. Also I’ve had no issues but should something come up they will take care of it. – Facebook

Alfonse, Lakeline llc Steel Guide Rod Assembly is a beautiful piece of art The little Taurus PT111 G2 is getting better and better. – TaurusArmed.net

I received my package yesterday (shipped same day I ordered).  Part looks great and was very easy to install. Basically, any creature on the planet with thumbs can do it.  Nice packaging – included instructions with color photos.  I got the SS model and it looks great in the pistol with the SS slide.  I’ll post a range report this weekend after I get to the range to shoot it. – TaurusArmed.net

Taurus PT111G2 owners rejoice! The biggest weak link on this gun is the guide spring assembly. Lakeline solved this problem the RIGHT way! Their new guide rod assembly is built like a tank, fits perfectly, and operates smoothly. Now, about those night sights…… 😉  – Facebook

I just installed three followers from Lakeline. They are superior. Shipped fast and crafted well. – Kahrtalk

I am also becoming a fan of Lakeline. Received the grip for my MK9. Huge difference.  Today, I received the new followers for my P9, MK9 and CM9. All work as advertised.  I only wish they were available for my CW 380.  –  Kahrtalk

I have been working on a PM9 I recently purchased for well over a month and I only wish I would have found your product – the metal follower – sooner! It’s like a completely different pistol now. Your service was great and I received the product within days. Thanks – it’s nice to see a company that makes a good product and offers good service still exists! – Facebook

Three cheers for the Kahr .40 metal followers! Thanks for a great product! – Facebook

New Striker installed and a trip to the range. Works great. I had the original striker break at 540 rounds. It’s replacement had +1200 rounds on it with no problems. This one should last forever. – Kahrtalk

I received my Lakelinellc S7 striker last night, and installed it this morning. I was able to go out and fire the gun and here is my report and some things I have learned about this gun.
Firstly. The gun likes conical shaped bullets period. I have a mag guts installed but still had several nose dives, but only with the round shaped bullets. Flawless feeding with conical bullets.
I fired over 100rds. 50 HPR 90 Gr. conical Hollow points (US made), 50 PPU round nose FMJ (Made in Serbia) ,and about 20 handloads round nose. Slow fire, rapid fire.
The striker functioned perfectly throughout. No light strikes, even with the harder PPU primers. The strikes were consistent. I like the HPR ammo. From what I see it has good penetration. Light recoiling. With the proper bullet shape and confidence that the striker is not going to fail, I feel Like I can once again trust the CW380 as a carry gun.
I want to thank lakeline for redeeming the gun and my confidence in it.  – Kahrtalk

The original MK9 grips left me wanting something more substantial to hold onto. The wood grips filled my hand better and were more comfortable but really didn’t help me hold onto the gun. Al’s grips are thin for carry and the grip is rock-solid.   Enjoy!  –  Kahrtalk member

I will mention another benefit of your aluminum followers.  If you carry a extra magazine in your pocket the top round does not pop out like it does with the factory follower – Jim

I received my striker today as well, and installed it this evening. I’m really impressed with the quality of the new striker appearance-wise, and it looks like more like a $70 part than a $35 one (don’t get any ideas now, Alfonse…). I’ll try the pistol out in the next day or two and see how well it runs. I’m actually lucky that I’ll be able to do so, for as I was struggling to reassemble the slide the striker spring and guide shot away and bounced off the wall inside my very crowded and messy garage. It was only by a sheer miracle that the plastic guide rod landed at my feet and the spring was soon found resting on the roof of my SUV. Given all the possibilities of where it could have landed I am one lucky SOB tonight!

BTW I’m glad the new striker is made of carbon steel. Stainless steel is more prone to stress fractures, thus defeating the whole purpose of this endeavor. If your striker starts to rust you’re already going to have problems elsewhere on the pistol. – Kahrtalk

Received two of your metal followers for my Kahr CM9 yesterday. Today, I ran 250 assorted rounds through my pistol with zero issues. I fired everything from 115 gr, 224 gr, and 147 gr round ball and JHP. Flawless execution. First rate product! Love it! – Kim

Just wanted to let you know that the G10 stocks for my K40 arrived and I couldn’t be happier with them! I have been carrying Kahrs since 1998, with both the original nylon stocks and the current rubber ones. Your’s offer better traction than the nylons but don’t make my cover garment hang up like the rubber stocks. Thanks for a great product! I guess I need a set for my old E9 now, too! – Roger

I’ve been waiting years for an option outside of the Pau Ferro grips. The pattern clasps my hands with confidence as opposed to the factory grips while keeping the original thin and comfortable profile – definitely more comfortable than the thicker wood grips! The G10 fit was perfect and flush.

I’ve been using the wood ones for so long that I forgot what the black grips felt like…IWB carry feels right again! Thanks for the phenomenal effort – this was undeniably money well spent. Now what to do with those Ferro grips…  – Kahrtalk member

Outstanding grips!! I should have bought these years ago.  Thanks!  Jim

OK, I bought 2 of the metal followers, 1 for my CM9 and 1 for my MK9. Both of these magazines are interchangeable with both guns so in effect, I have 2 magazines that can be used in either gun, or 1 magazine in each gun. Note: None of my followers have ever broken, as CPTKILLER says, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it. But this is my theory, why wait for the follower to break if it can be “avoided” in my carry gun? So anyway I installed them last night and went to the range today to test them. Here is what I found, the quality of the magazines is outstanding, they were easy to load and after the last round the slide lock was very positive and tight. There were no failure to feeds or jambs of any kind. Hand racking of the slide was very smooth. (I have been able to hand rack my gun before the follower change but it did feel a little smoother). I think the metal follower is well worth the price. Now I don’t have to worry about broken followers and that eases my mind about the reliability of my guns. Al is super easy to work with and he made sure my order arrived safely and on time. – Kahrtalk member

The G10 grips I bought from LakeLine are groovy. They don’t even dig into your spare tire in an IWB holster and improve my grip nicely. I’ve had Kahrs for twenty years and this is the best aftermarket accessory I have purchased so far. – Bill

On the Ultimate Striker Solution:  Basically the same report as Chaplain, absolutely no problems. Only thing I have to add is that I pulled my mag several times during the session and the round at the top of the magazine was still in place with no forward movement! The indents on the primer showed good, solid hits.  Thanks for a great product Alfonse! – Kahrtalk

If you are undecided on grip choice for your MK and don’t have your heart set on wood, I encourage everyone to support our friend Al. He took a risk, stepped up to the plate, and hit a grand slam with these G10 grips. They are super nice, and he needs to be rewarded for taking the initiative in filling a needed niche! – Kahrtalk member

^^^ + 1000. I took a set of wood grips and thinned them down. Now I just took those off to use Al’s G10 grips instead. THEY ARE GREAT! Thank you very much Al.

P.S. the short Kahr grip screws work fine. – Kahrtalk member

I just ordered 2 of Al’s 9mm metal followers, for no other reason than I prefer metal parts over plastic on guns wherever possible. This is why I bought a K9 instead of a P9 and a MK40 instead of a PM40, and why I replaced the plastic guide rods in favor of SS in both before I’d even fired the first round. Even if the metal parts don’t provide any performance improvement whatsoever, I still prefer my guns to be as plastic-free as possible. I concede that “plastic” is a very broad term today, and that there are some very good engineered polymers that have very desirable properties for specific applications. I concede that there are times when some form of “plastic” is the best material to use for the mechanical requirements of certain parts. This still doesn’t erase the fact I’m “old school” and prefer fine guns to be made entirely of metal. – Kahrtalk member

Okay, so they arrived! I put them on and it was like my Kahr just got a fresh paint job, and a new shift nob. What a different in the grip of the gun. I feel like I have full control over this pistol, its not slippery and the grips are still thin! Nice work Al!!!  – Kahrtalk member

Update… Range time with new grips was incredible. I went on lunch. Felt like I had tighter groups and more control! Thanks again Alfonse! – Kahrtalk member

Happy with mine; here’s a video I posted recently:

Hi. I found you on KahrTalk and ordered 4 of your Metal Magazine Followers. I dropped them in one 6 round, two 7 round, and one 8 round magazine. I took them to the range 01/10/16 and fired 400 rounds. They performed 100 percent. What a great upgrade. When I opened my magazines to exchange the followers 3 of the 4 factory plastic ones were broken. Thanks Guys. Jon W. (using them in a CW9 and CT9.) I’d give 10 stars if I could!

I installed 3 sets of the Lakeline Al mag followers in my PM9 magazines. Range results are
Fantastic. Zero issues with 3 different bullet weights. Slingshot or using slide release work great.
I’m a happy camper. Thanks Lakeline.  – Kahrtalk

I put in the first three mag followers today (two more on the way.) I can rack the slide to load the first round all day. Did it about 25 times for each mag. Alfonse, sir, you are a genius. – Kahrtalk

OK, I’ve been to the range. Fired my EDC p380 with the new striker installed. Worked every time. Didn’t have much time at the range, so just about 100 rounds down range. My confidence in the new striker set is really high at this point, but this is early in the game. By-the-way, I am torture testing the new striker, dry fired at least 100 times before going to the range. Then about 100 rounds at the range. Then disassemble to clean the striker channel. Initial observation is that the Lakeline striker does not show ‘burnishing’ on one side more than the other like the stock part. The very light wear marks were symmetric. I think this bodes well for future performance. I am, at least initially, impressed! Thanks Alfonse!  – Kahrtalk

When I got home today there was a little envelope from Lakeline LLC in the mailbox. Hip-hip-hooray!
I stripped down both p380 pistols (one at a time). The Lakeline strikers, in addition to being ‘beefier’ where the Kahr strikers break also are dimensionally slightly different from the Kahr striker. Upon assembly (which was flawless) the first thing I did was to put a snap cap in a mag and insert that mag into the pistol AFTER cycling the slide. I then pointed the empty weapon in a safe direction and pulled the trigger. I pulled the mag out and checked the position of the snap-cap round in the mag. Gloria in excelsis Deo. The dummy round in the mag did not move! I really really like this change, even before getting to the range.  Looking in the empty mag well with a pen light I can just barely see the striker foot, or maybe not, when I sight along the flat edge of the back of the mag well. Clearly, the Lakeline LLC striker is not just a beefed up part, it gives every indication of a well engineered upgrade to the internal workings of the P/CW380. I believe MAJ Boothroyd would approve.  Since I had them available I installed new striker springs (previously for the silver slide p380, and with the striker change out on the black p380).
If I am within range of a range at lunchtime tomorrow I have about 200 rounds of Sig 100gr FMJ for testing.  Oh!, one more thing. This just may be ‘impression’ but I do have the impression that the pistols do just feel better. So OK, detailed cleaning, fresh lube, and new striker springs probably have something to do with it. But, there is that little dimensional change that might just change the dynamic just a wee little bit.   Can’t wait to get to the range. – Kahrtalk
















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