The Sig P365 Metal Followers Run and Run!

The P365 followers look great, and keep looking great with use.  The harder material and shape of the follower prevent gouging and the finish looks great even after use.  Here are some photos of a follower with over 300 rounds run through it this outing and it still looks like new.

First, as removed from the magazine after shooting, it will have brass smeared on it:

Here is another shot:

The brass and dirt wipe right off with a gun cleaner.  The follower still looks like new.  There is a little bit of finish wear where the slide stop contacts it, right on the edge of the ledge that can be seen below:

The pistol runs fine, slow or fast, and it is consistent locking back after the last round.  These add a very high quality feel and look to the magazines.

Fall at Lakeline LLC

So far we’ve been having a beautiful, if sometimes cool, fall.

Besides enjoying some of the local events, like Mahogany and Merlot (pictured above), we’ve been working on products.

The metal followers for the Sig Sauer P365 are available.  These don’t gouge and provide consistent, smooth feeding and solid slide lock engagement (after the last round is fired).


We have new products for the Taurus G2 series pistols coming out in the next couple of weeks as well as a product for the Ruger Security 9.  Our fiber optic sights for the Taurus TH9 and TH9c should also be available in that time.

Enjoy your fall.  Get out and do some shooting while there is still some great weather for it.


3D Printed follower prototypes in stainless steel

3D Printed Stainless Prototypes photo 2 resized

Here are some prototype magazine followers made in 3D printed stainless steel.  As you can see, the surface finish is not superb, but they are still very useful for testing.

The world has changed so much since I started as an engineer that I get pretty excited about what can be done these days.

Kahr Metal Followers, Aluminum and why they show “wear”

Aluminum was chosen for our follower material after careful consideration, and experimentation, with other materials.  It has some real advantages, but one of them is not that it will still look pristine after operating in a Kahr pistol for hundreds of rounds.

Used Followers Resized

As shown in the photos, there are parts that can, and do, contact the followers that leave a mark with time.  That is actually a good thing.

The plastic, factory followers can and sometimes do, break if the barrel contacts the follower after the last round is fired.  That is one of the characteristics of the Kahr design that has been the case from the get go.   Lakeline aluminum followers will not break, but they will get a ding in them if the barrel repeatedly hits them as both followers in the photo above demonstrate.  That ding causes no issues with the follower, the functionality or the pistol.  The followers get a similar type of look where they contact the slide stop, on the upper surface behind the area where the barrel contacts the follower in the photos above.  Again, this is not an issue for functionality in any way.

If you are familiar with Lakeline products, you know we are not shy about using stainless steel.  A stainless follower is cost competitive with the aluminum and its secondary anodizing.  But, stainless is not a better choice.

One of our cardinal rules is our parts should not be able to damage the pistol.  A stainless follower doesn’t get “dinged” up, but the barrel of the pistol does and that is not acceptable.

Aluminum is great in this application because it “gives” a little where needed to accommodate pistol to pistol variations without doing any harm to the pistol itself.  Yet the aluminum is much stronger than plastic and doesn’t actually wear out.   This “fitting” process is whole lot better than a broken follower or a damaged barrel with other materials.

Metal Followers for Kahr .40 Pistols

Kahr 40 follower right

Metal followers for Kahr .40 caliber pistols are now available.

Advantages of the metal followers:

  • These metal followers will not break.  The aircraft grade aluminum followers are so strong, they are unbreakable in normal use in a pistol.  The factory followers are nylon and can be broken if the barrel strikes the follower after shooting the last round.  A broken follower can cause the pistol to malfunction.
  • Slide lock is more reliable with the metal followers.  The slide lock after the last round on a factory follower is controlled by a metal insert that is inserted in the factory molded part.  The face that locks back the slide on the metal followers is precision CNC machined in the same operation that forms the part.  There is no insert that can separate from the main body of the part.
  • Consistently smooth magazine operation.  Our follower slides smoothly in the magazine tube.  You can even press on the corner of it, and it will move smoothly down the tube.  It doesn’t catch or bind.  Smooth operation helps make your pistol feed consistently.
  • The shape of the follower is improved.  The metal follower has a profile that keeps the nose of the bullets up, aiding their travels up the feed ramp.  Hand racking of the pistol feeds rounds more consistently.
  • If you carry a extra magazine in your pocket the top round does not pop out like it does with the factory follower.

Our metal followers were designed to do exactly what the factory magazine follower do, but just do it better!

Metal Followers for Kahr .45 pistols

Kahr 45 follower right side resized

The metal followers for the .45 Kahrs are now available.  They are a bit more complex than the 9mm followers, with several more relief cuts and lots of rounded corners.

The have all the same benefits, improved feeding, better retention of the top round and they are much stronger than the factory, plastic followers so they eliminate the issue of breakage of the front “leg” of the follower.

Here is another photo showing the top of the .45 follower:

Kahr 45 follower front and top resized

Another benefit to our metal followers

A customer emailed me today to tell me about a benefit of our metal followers.  Here is the note from Jim:

I will mention another benefit of your aluminum followers. If you carry a extra magazine in your pocket the top round does not pop out like it does with the factory follower.

Improved retention of the top round should also help to keep it in place even when using a magazine carrier.  By having the top round in the right location, the reliability and speed of reloads could be improved.


Our product line is growing!

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Our product line of accessories and parts for Kahr pistols is growing.  We currently have metal followers, G10 grips, stainless steel guide rods.  Soon we will have magazine extensions and parts will be available to fit more models in various calibers.  Watch us grow!