Stocking Stuffers and gifts for Gun Tinkerers

Tis the Season!  Here are some thoughts of things that are helpful for anyone who owns a pistol.  None of these are Lakeline products, but they are the really useful things, tools mainly, that help any pistol person maintain and work on their pistol.  All of these things I use and they make me happy every time I use them.  They are in order from lowest cost up.

  • Needle Files.  I use these all the time, and they cost less than $5!  Most of the time I use this needle file set, which costs less than $3.  If you want to step it up a bit, this needle file set has handles that make them nicer to hold on too and still only costs $6.99.  I usually buy the cheap ones and litter them about the places I work like reading glasses.
  • Gunsmith screwdriver set.  Working on your pistol with the rounded off screwdrivers that are used for prying things off the car, demolishing for a remodel, etc. just isn’t a great thing.  Worn screwdrivers round out the special screws in pistols, making them difficult to get apart and they are just unsightly. I like a set that all fits in a case and gets stored with the guns, not out in the garage where they will be used and abused like the other screwdrivers.  Being “thrifty” I find specialty gunsmith sets pretty expensive for what they have.  I like a set that all fits in a case and gets stored with the guns, not out in the garage where they will be used and abused like the other screwdrivers.  But, this nice $20 set has most everything needed and is reasonably priced: Aosky Professional Precision Magnetic Screwdriver Sets
  • Punch Set.  Pistols have lots of little pins that are used to hold them together.  To get them in and out, and to help persuade other stuck parts to move, the proper tool is a punch set.  Brass punches are nice because they are softer than the steel in the pistol and usually won’t damage important parts.  A good starter punch set can be had for under $30:

    Wheeler Engineering Hammer and Punch Set with Brass, Steel, Plastic Punches

  • Torque Screwdriver.  If you work with scopes and sights, a torque screwdriver is a necessity.  Most sight work uses torques in the 6 to 30 inch pounds range.  Some pistol sights, like many of the screw on pistol sights, need an even lower range, like 1 to 5 inch pounds.  That gets more expensive, but a good tool for the low torque requirements is:

    Capri Tools Ultra Precision Certified Torque Limiting Screwdriver Set

    For the more typical scope rings on rifles, etc. a reasonably priced choice for under $50 with a 10 to 50 inch pound range is: Adjustable Gun Torque Screwdriver 1/4″ inch Drive Long Shank 10-50 in/lb with 14pcs Bits Set

  • Sight tool or Sight Pusher.  If you like your pistols, at some point you are going to change sights on them, or adjust them.  Without a good sight tool, it is easy to scratch or ding up the slide or sights, or break the tritium vials in night sights.  I own most of the cheaper sight tools, but still went ahead and bought this one when I was frustrated trying to use the ones that flex, bend, and scratch up my pistols.  Save some money and buy the good one up front, it is under $200:  Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s Front and Rear Handgun Sight Tool
    Merry Christmas and happy gun tinkering from the gang at Lakeline LLC!!