Shipping, TX22 Strikers and Swag this week!

Fun stuff first. We have some new t-shirts and stickers!

We have machined, hardened S7 tool steel strikers for the TX22. Customers who have broken the strikers in their TX22s have been looking for an alternative to the factory striker. We improved the geometry to reduce stress concentrations where they are breaking and machined them from the best possible material to make a striker from, S7 tool steel.

And, the less fun stuff. I think shipping for the holidays, so from the end of October on, is going to be chaos. Last year was bad, and leading up to that time the losses and delays weren’t too bad. But this year the losses and delays are already really bad before the holiday season even starts. Talking to our UPS drivers, they are working the maximum number of hours allowed right now meaning 12 or more hour days.

Yes, we are seeing higher losses than we used to with UPS too, and the postal system is still performing very poorly.

So, to make things as smooth as we can and keep folks as happy as we can, I raised our shipping rates. But, you get something for it. Our shipping protection is now on every order. We will re-ship your order if it does not arrive. We will keep looking at losses and our shipping costs and adjust them as needed.

I suggest ordering early for the holidays. Delayed shipments often mean more than a day or two and can be a week or more. Shipping is the biggest issue in e-commerce right now. But, we’ll get through it.