MK Grip thread on Kahrtalk

Kahrtalk is the most read forum on Kahr pistols.  The MK series grips were developed with the feedback from the members of the Kahrtalk forum.  Now, we’re seeing reviews of the products on Kahrtalk.

Here is the latest from Kahrtalk today:

  Absolutely thrilled with these grips. They fit like a glove, look great, and have terrific grip. Thanks for going through the trouble of making these, Alfonse. Definitely a great upgrade for my MK9.


They have a bunch of fun on the Kahrtalk forum plus have some fantastic resources for all things Kahr.  If you haven’t been to the Kahrtalk forum, give it a shot!



More great reviews, and update on other parts

We received another great review on Kahrtalk today for our MK grips:

Thumbs up Dayum!

^^^ + 1000. I took a set of wood grips and thinned them down. Now I just took those off to use Al’s G10 grips instead. THEY ARE GREAT! Thank you very much Al.

P.S. the short Kahr grip screws work fine.

He had some nice photos too.

Next week I should have the first couple of guide rods in stock.  The followers will be a couple weeks later since they have to go out for anodizing.  From where we are located, that is a bit of a trip.

I have some other fun products in the pipeline behind them too!  We just keep plugging away and are so thankful for the happy customers we have so far.

First Product Shipments

Today marks the shipment of our first products to customers.  G10 grips for the MK series Kahr pistols were shipped to customers for the first time.

We have quite a few exciting new products in the development and production pipeline.

Watch us grow!

Why Lakeline?

Lakeline LLC was founded for a variety of purposes.  Yes, Lakeline is producing parts and accessories for pistols, particularly concealed carry types of pistols.

But, there is more to it than that.  Lakeline was also formed to support a home for special needs residents currenlty in the planning stages in the Lake Chelan area in Washington State.  Lake Chelan is a 50.5 mile long lake in central Washington.  It is largest lake in Washington and third deepest lake in the country with a maximum depth of 1486 feet.

Only a small part of Lake Chelan’s shoreline is available for development.  Most of the lake shore is public lands without roads or any sort of utilities.

It is also located in a dry, sunny part of Washington, with 300 days of sunshine per year.  Add in a thriving wine industry and the quaint towns of Chelan and Manson, and Lake Chelan is a favorite get away for folks from Seattle and the surrounding urban areas.

It is a fabulous spot.  It is a perfect location for a home for special needs folks to live in and enjoy in a supportive, small-town, atmosphere.

Every life needs to have a productive purpose, and Lakeline was formed to help provide that productive purpose for the people in the forthcoming home in Chelan.  Many of the folks at Lakeline will have special needs, and special talents.  Some of them will also eventually be the owners of Lakeline.

The “whys” of Lakeline include:

  • Unique, quality parts and accessories for pistols and concealed carry.
  • Made in USA!
  • Creating jobs and productive lifestyles for people with special needs!

Lakeline is a unique company in many, many ways!