Busy week, Glock parts, Taurus sights and more.

We are adding support for Glock pistols.  We added threaded barrels, recoil assemblies, and strikers for some models.  Watch the parts grow we have for Glocks!

We also, after a long back order from Truglo, have Truglo Tritium PRO sights back in stock for the Taurus G2 pistols.  On the Taurus front, we have out TX22 and have lots of exciting stuff in the pipeline for it.  Have a great week!

taurus,tritium,night sight, pt111 g2,pt140 g2,709,740,truglo
TRUGLO Tritium Pro sight for the Taurus Millennium G2, 709 & 740

Independence Day

I am one of the Americans who actually knows which country we won our independence from in the 1700s as well as many other facts of our country’s history. I appreciate our country and those who sacrificed for it and continue to protect it to this day.  It is what it is.

Still, I work with people who toil mightily to gain their independence to do the things the rest of consider normal every day and I appreciate our customers who help us help them to achieve more independence than most people think possible.  It is a different perspective on Independence Day that is much more personal than the holiday meaning of it yet I can’t help but think about it even more so on the 4th of July.

So, thanks to you all and I wish you a happy Independence Day.  We sure appreciate all of it.

A little update on what this is all about, our Special Needs home at Lake Chelan

Framing of the lower floor of Ridgeview Place, a home for special needs adults at Lake Chelan.
Framing of the lower floor of Ridgeview Place, a home for special needs adults at Lake Chelan.

Lakeline LLC is part of our effort to build a home for special needs adults at Lake Chelan in Washington State.

Lakeline LLC will provide income and vocational opportunities to the residents, and others, with special needs.  The home is called Ridgeview Place at Lake Chelan and is currently under construction.  Lakeline’s home will also be on sight in an out building on the approximately 3.5 acre property.

We are at the framing stage currently:  http://ridgeviewchelan.com/framing-the-lower-floor-is-moving-right-along/

Kahr Metal Followers, Aluminum and why they show “wear”

Aluminum was chosen for our follower material after careful consideration, and experimentation, with other materials.  It has some real advantages, but one of them is not that it will still look pristine after operating in a Kahr pistol for hundreds of rounds.

Used Followers Resized

As shown in the photos, there are parts that can, and do, contact the followers that leave a mark with time.  That is actually a good thing.

The plastic, factory followers can and sometimes do, break if the barrel contacts the follower after the last round is fired.  That is one of the characteristics of the Kahr design that has been the case from the get go.   Lakeline aluminum followers will not break, but they will get a ding in them if the barrel repeatedly hits them as both followers in the photo above demonstrate.  That ding causes no issues with the follower, the functionality or the pistol.  The followers get a similar type of look where they contact the slide stop, on the upper surface behind the area where the barrel contacts the follower in the photos above.  Again, this is not an issue for functionality in any way.

If you are familiar with Lakeline products, you know we are not shy about using stainless steel.  A stainless follower is cost competitive with the aluminum and its secondary anodizing.  But, stainless is not a better choice.

One of our cardinal rules is our parts should not be able to damage the pistol.  A stainless follower doesn’t get “dinged” up, but the barrel of the pistol does and that is not acceptable.

Aluminum is great in this application because it “gives” a little where needed to accommodate pistol to pistol variations without doing any harm to the pistol itself.  Yet the aluminum is much stronger than plastic and doesn’t actually wear out.   This “fitting” process is whole lot better than a broken follower or a damaged barrel with other materials.

Testing and writing for the stainless recoil assembly for the Taurus PT111 G2

Stainless Guide rod in slide beside factory resized

Testing continues on the stainless recoil assembly for the Taurus PT111 G2.  It is pictured above installed in a slide with a factory part alongside.

I am putting rounds down range and also leaving units fully compressed to do everything I can to test the springs.  Also, today I put together the installation instructions.

I made a mistake on one part, the nut/screw that goes on the muzzle end, and those are being machined again on Feb 3.  Then they will be shipped to me and we will have the stainless version in stock.  The blackened version (only the nut/screw that shows gets a black oxide finish) will take an additional 6 or 7 work days.