SALE on G10 Grips for the Sig Sauer P226

sig,sauer,p226,g10, grips
Sig Sauer P226 G10 Grips

All of our in-stock G10 grips for the Sig Sauer P226 are marked down from $84.99 to $69.99.

sig,sauer,p226,g10, grips
Sig Sauer P226 G10 Grips

Check it out:

sig,sauer,p226,g10, grips
Sig Sauer P226 G10 Grips

Our product line is growing!

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Our product line of accessories and parts for Kahr pistols is growing.  We currently have metal followers, G10 grips, stainless steel guide rods.  Soon we will have magazine extensions and parts will be available to fit more models in various calibers.  Watch us grow!



What would you like to see for material choices for K9 Grips!

The reports from folks who are buying our MK9 and MK40 Grips are coming back very positive.

Just yesterday on Kahrtalk, a customer wrote:

Okay, so they arrived! I put them on and it was like my Kahr just got a fresh paint job, and a new shift nob. What a different in the grip of the gun. I feel like I have full control over this pistol, its not slippery and the grips are still thin! Nice work Al!!!

Question… can you make them for my standard Walther PPK… lol!?

With K9 and K40 grips as the next obvious products in this area, I am looking for feedback from folks on what materials they would like to see on those grips.

Keep things like price in mind.  G10 makes a nice grip material, but it is not inexpensive.  The Kahr grip design means much of the material is machined away, so material pricing is a big deal.  Something like a carbon fiber composite grip would be really expensive, probably too high for most buyers.

Micarta, using linen or other materials could be an option.  There are urethanes.  G10 is an option.  What would you like to see?  The factory rubberized grips are nice as are the wood grips from Kahr.  You can comment with your input here or on Facebook!



Testing week!

I’m doing lots of testing this week.  Before shipping anything, we do everything we can to ensure that our products meet our quality standards and function reliably.

Sometimes we put quite a few rounds down range to prove a product through a variety of firearms.  It is serious, but fun at the same time.  Somebody has to do it!  🙂